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Purchase Loans | Mobile Home Purchase Financing, and Loans
In Park, Leased Lot, Family Land or Land Home Together
Mobile Home Purchase Loans
Offering mobile home purchase loans program to include,
mobile home financing loans and manufactured home financing for
homes located in a mobile home park or with land.

Home Only loan minimum down payment only 5%
Land Home FHA loan down payment only 3.5%
(Conventional, FHA VA, JUMBO & Construction To Perm Loans Available)

Home Purchase FAQ’s

•What type of loan will be best for me?
We can point out other loan options of which you may not be aware.
•What will my closing costs be?
Ask for a general summation of the fees that will be required at
closing. Closing costs can be rolled into the loan with
no out of pocket expenses.
•Will I be charged points?
Sometimes a loan is only available if you pay points, so ask
if the loan quoted requires points.
•What items must be prepaid?
You'll be advised what items, such as property taxes and insurance,
may be paid in advance.
•How long will I be guaranteed the quoted interest rate?
This is called locking in a rate. Ask how long your rate can be reserved
and if there's a fee involved.
•How long will the approval take?
This varies, so get an estimate, especially if you're on a deadline.
•Does the loan have a prepayment penalty?
No, you can pay your home off early without penalty!

Whatever your goals are, we're here to help.  It's what we do best!
There's no cost to apply and no obligation for a free quote.

Let Earth Works Trust help make you a happy customer, too!
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Mobile Home Purchase Loans
Find the perfect purchase mortgage
5% down and you can own
new or used manufactured home.
Get pre-qualified for free and quickly
find out how much you can afford.
Mobile Home Refinance Loans
Rates are the lowest they've
been in close to 30 years.
Refinance now to get a lower
rate, turn your adjustable into a
fixed rate and get cash out!
If You Don't See It....Ask!
Mobile Home Loans
Your purchase loans and financing loans
service for a mobile or manufactured home
purchase. Free mobile home purchase and
financing information.  Free loan quote.
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Purchase Loans
Manufactured Home
We offer financing and loans for new and
used manufactured home with as little as
3.5% Down for home and land together
5% Down for home only loans. Home
ownership is right around the corner.
Free mortgage loan quote
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Modular Home Loans
Modular Home Loans, the nations leader
in modular home loans, modular home
financing, and modular home refinancing
for homes on your land or in park
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Mobile Home Loans
The Difference!
Whether you're financing or refinancing,  
you won't pay high personal property loan
interest rates. Your loan is treated like a
home mortgage, with a low interest rate
that will keep your payments manageable.
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you deserve!
Mobile Home Refinancing
YES!  We are your finance source
for In Park Mobile Home Financing,
Mobile Home Loans, Manufactured
Home Refinancing, Fixed Rates and
Lower Payment
Mobile Home Refinancing Nationwide
Refinance A Mobile Home
Get up to 60 days with no payment
Lower and fix your rate
Lower your payments
Get up to 95% loan-to-value ratio
Build equity faster
Owner contract options
Flexible terms
No maximum loan amounts
No seasoning requirement
No mortgage insurance requirement
Closing Costs Financed!
Refinance Mobile Home
Cash out now for debt
, home
improvements, paying off
debts or anything else you
want with your home's equity!
Refinance Mobile Home
Refinance Mobile Home In Park
Refinance Manufactured Home
Maufactured Home Refinancing
Who Finances Mobile Homes?
Mobile Home Park Lenders
Single Wide, Double Wide, Triple Wide
Modular, Manufactured or Mobile Homes!
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